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Moving? Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale can be the perfect way to cut the cost and time of your move by helping you get rid of things you don’t use.

Does the thought of moving overwhelm you with a sense of dread because of all of the “stuff” you’ve accumulated? If so, a garage sale may be just the thing for you.

A Garage Sale – a Great Idea!

Having a garage sale before you move can help out in many ways. The less that you move, the less your move will cost you in time as well as money. If you’re a real collector, you may have accumulated years of “stuff” that you don’t need to take with you. A garage sale can mean less packing and less for your movers to move (if you’re using professional movers). That makes the move cost less and go more quickly. Also, do you really want to arrive at your new home only to unpack boxes of clothes, sports equipment, books, etc. that you haven’t used in years?

Quick Tips for a Garage Sale – Get the Word Out

If you want people to come to your garage sale, you need to advertise. A few days before, post signs, but also be sure to take out an ad in the local newspaper. There are also websites that let you post free notices about your garage sale. If you have any antiques or big-ticket items, be sure to mention it in the ad. It can attract more customers.

Sell as Much as You Can

If in doubt, set it out. Anything that you even remotely think you want to sell, go ahead and price it and place it on display. Also, remember that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So even if you have something you think no one could possibly want, still try to sell it. It may be just what someone was looking for. If it doesn’t sell, you can always toss it after the garage sale.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Think about the stores you frequent. They are probably well organized and have easy-to-negotiate aisles. Similarly, you want your garage sale to make shopping a breeze. Organize your items into areas – a spot for clothes, another for furniture, another for toys. Take a tip from the grocery store and place very low-ticket items that are easy to grab close to the money. That way you can encourage impulse purchases as people are paying you.

Be Sure the Price is Right

Remember, people are looking for deals at a garage sale. Keep your prices low. On the other hand, don’t undervalue your belongings, either. You don’t have to mark an antique table for $10.

Manage the Money

You’ll need lots of change for a garage sale. Go to the bank and get plenty of coins and small bills to make change. You want to be prepared for when someone hands you a twenty to pay for a toy that costs $2.50. Also, keep in mind that there will be shoppers who you don’t know. Be smart and make sure the money box is attended at all times.

Garage sales do involve some hard work, but remember that there’s a lot more work involved with actually moving. Make your move easier on yourself, and make some extra money, by having a garage sale prior to your move.

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